why did the The Chicken cross the road?

Amongst the many bizarre  reactions  and answers, to the Chicken question that come to mind, not a one gets down to where it started. Where the truth is likely found.  Simple & quiet are always in the mix, that I know.
The simple truth of the matter is that the chicken became
disoriented.  Chicken’s got its head down in the road gravel, when it freaks at the sound of a pickup roarin’ down on it, and it splits for the side of the road.
Well, when the dust settled, that chicken discovered that it was on the other side of the road.
And that’s how it started. That bird was the first to make it alive.  The ‘Other Side’ became a powerful movement and chickens from all walks crossed the road.  From that, the question was formed and the answer was left behind.

Country Fried Fred


One response to “why did the The Chicken cross the road?

  1. The Point and Shootist

    This is a funny take on the old story about the chicken crossing the road!

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