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My Buddy gOd

    Here’s a guy that entered my life unexpectedly.  He left without permission and wont come back.  Oz is one of the few living people I miss, besides my family.  He explained one day, long ago, that given his actual initials, g.d.  O., O for Ostrum, not OZ, in monogram form, would read ‘gOd’. 

    I miss his sense of humor and I miss playing with him in the band but mostly I miss him for being a genuine human, and doing the best he can.  Too many conniving, mean and self-serving gas bags taking the humane out of being human.  Sure, it takes all kinds, but the world would be a better place with a few more like OZ and not so many of the others.

    Take Care, Be Well, & Let it shine,

                                                 Yours truly, Country Fried Fred